Of the many ways men and women think differently, here’s one of my favorites.

Women agonize over finding an outfit that is stylish and trendy for a first date.

But men are often a little behind in recognizing women’s trends.

That means your outfit may actually send confusing signals to his brain if it does not automatically trigger a familiar “feminine style” label at an unconscious level of evaluation.

That’s because your feminine qualities are what attract him.

Ask him after a date what you were wearing, and you would be astonished at how little he remembers. One thing will stand out in his mind though.

Anything that accentuates your feminine qualities in a relaxed and comfortable way will be attractive to him.

In fact, the simpler and less fussy the patterns and cuts of your clothes, the more likely he is to have a positive first impression. That’s because your clothing will not distract from the simple elegance of your female figure.

Here’s another interesting difference between men and women. Men aren’t all that interested in learning about you on a first date. If you ask him how it went, he is far more likely to give a statement about what it feels like to be in your presence.

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